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Microwave Cardboard Drying Equipment

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Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. is located in the ShanDong province with the most convenient transportation and prosperous economic in China.Our company Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. was established by a group of experienced and dedicated engineers who are excited and specialized in finding the best solutions to improve the food processing equipment Microwave Drying Equipment therefore bring value to the food processors and make better quality food products. Based on the market demands and our technology background, Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. focus on the developing and manufacturing equipment for food processing industry Microwave Drying Equipment , vegetables and fruits drying dehydration equipment(AD), Vacuum freeze drying equipment(FD), Quick-freezing equipment(IQF) and Food processing lines for various vegetables, fruits and seafood industry.
We value "honesty, innovative and quality" because we know that we are not only supplying equipment Microwave Cardboard Drying Equipment to our clients but the partners to help our clients to get a better result. Keeping this in our mind, we not only make high quality food processing equipment Microwave Drying Equipment, but also help the clients to figure out the optimum processing work flows, make amendments according to client's specific needs, training staffs for the user of our equipment and even more, because Shandong Leader Machinery Co.,ltd. believe that our users or clients' success is the foundation of ours.

The advantages of Microwave Cardboard Drying Equipment heating speed is fast: conventional heating (such as flame, hot air, electric heating, steam, etc.) all use heat conduction, convection and thermal radiation to transfer heat to the surface of the heated object first, and then gradually increase the center temperature by heat conduction (commonly known as external heating). Microwave Cardboard Drying Equipment requires a certain heat conduction time to achieve the desired temperature in the center, while the time required for the object with poor thermal conductivity is longer. Microwave heating is internal heating, electromagnetic energy directly to the medium molecule is transformed into heat, and the transmission properties of the material and medium heated simultaneously, without heat conduction, and the lack of internal cooling conditions, the temperature gradient distribution caused by the internal temperature is higher than the external form, internal drive water to steam surface infiltration pressure, acceleration the migration rate of evaporation of water. Especially for the food with water content under 30%, the speed can be shortened hundreds times, and it is even dry in a short time.


Microwave Cardboard Drying Equipment is easy to control: the control of microwave power is regulated by switch and knob, that is to say, it is used, no heat inertia, power continuous adjustable, and easy to automate.
(5) sanitation and cleanliness: when food and medicine are processed and dried, microwave heating effect and biological effect can kill insects and destroy quickly at low temperature, and can maintain nutrient composition and original color. Therefore, microwave heating is widely applied in food industry.
(6) selective heating: the absorption loss of microwave is different from the material of different properties, which is the characteristic of selective heating, which is beneficial to the drying process. Because the absorption loss of water molecules on microwave, the location of high water content absorbs more microwave power than that with low water content, so the drying rate is consistent. However, some substances are negative temperature coefficient, the higher the temperature, the increase of R and TG Delta, the better absorption, resulting in positive feedback to increase the temperature of this part. In the microwave heating of this kind of material, we should pay attention to the rational processing technology.
(7) safe: usually the microwave energy is transmitted in sealed heating chamber, made of metal tube channel. It is a very safe heating technology to use advanced design to make the inlet and outlet and observation window not belong to radioactive ray and no harmful gas emission.

What is Microwave?
Microwave is the frequency of 300 MHZ ~ 300 GHZ electromagnetic wave, it is short radio waves in a limited frequency band, the wavelength between 1 mm ~ 1 m electromagnetic wave, it is generally referred to as the decimeter wave, centimeter wave and millimeter wave. Microwave frequency is higher than general radio frequency, often also referred to as "ultra high frequency electromagnetic wave. As a kind of electromagnetic wave of microwave also have wave-particle duality. Basic properties of microwave usually appears as transmission, reflection and absorption three characteristics. For glass, plastic and porcelain, microwave is almost through without being absorbed. For water and food, etc. will absorb microwave and heating by itself. For metal stuff, it will bounce back the microwave.

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We will provide best and thoughtful service for you:
1). Free consultation service before, during, and after sales.
2). Free project planning and design services upon clients' special demands.
3). Debugging and inspecting of equipment until everything is functional before leaving the factory.
4). Overseas installation and training of equipment maintenance and operating personally.
5). Provide basic production techniques and formulas.
6). 1 year complete warranty for Microwave Cardboard Drying Equipment .


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