Product Details

Host sale triangle chips processing production line

Place of Origin Jinan ADO Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Brand Name ADO Kurkure Cheetos Nik Naks Making Machine
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number Host sale triangle chips processing production line
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price US$1000.00-USD800,000.00
Packaging Details standard package
Delivery Time Within 30 days
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 10 Set/Sets per Month

Product Features

Host sale triangle chips processing production line


Doritos/ Tortilla chip/ Triangle chip process line uses corn powder, corn starch, and rice powder as main material which are extruded, punched into triangle, round, square shapes, and then baked and flavored. Such snacks with crisp taste, rich nutrition and digestible structure are very popular with many people all over the world. And most important, the redundantshaping material can be reused after grinded into powder, which can greatly reduce the production cost.

Host sale triangle chips processing production lineHost sale triangle chips processing production line

Technological Process

Raw Materials Configuration→ Mixing Conveyance→ Extrusion→ Shaping Conveyance→ Rotary Screening Conveyance→ Drying Frying Flavoring & Oil injection

Equipment Configurations

  1. Flour Mixer: Stir mixed raw materials evenly with a certain amount of water. Choose different LD flour mixer model according to different output requirements.
  2. spiral Conveyor: Convey stirred raw materials into feeding hopper of extruder.
  3. Extruder: Select different LD extruder model based on clients raw materials and output Capacity requirement. With the help of special control cmachineryt, extruder is able to extrude the raw material under different temperature & pressure, and produce puffed products. The shapes of products can be changed by changing the modules in extruder.
  4. 3D Shaper: Rotary cutting and shaping products into triangle, round or square shape.
  5. Elevator: Lift up the products into next equipment.
  6. Rotary Screen: Rotary screening to separate the products from residue and prevent adhesion.
  7. Vibrating Screen: Vibrating screening the semi-products to prevent adhesion.
  8. multi.layer Drying Oven: Dry semifinished products. It is the most common dehydrationplant for puffed food. It includes a belt dryer and some in.built heating devices to carry out drying by means of electricity, vapor, diesel or gas. The drying temperature and drying time can be controlled.
  9. Frying machinery: Choose LD different automatic fryer model or continuous fryer model according to different producing requirements to frying the products to be crisp and a better taste.
  10. Flavoring Line: Select single.roller flavoring line or dual.roller flavoring line, based on output and product properties. Single.roller and dual.roller flavoring line combine the functions of flavoring with seasoning and oil injection together.


  • Various models to meet different output Capacity requirements.
  • Flexible configurations to meet different produce, buLDet and workshop layout requirement.
  • Vast raw material range to produce different final products by only one production line.
  • Different shapes and appearances of final products can be made by changing different modules in extruder.
  • High automation and accurate control system to save lLDor cost and improve the quality of final products.
  • Independent temperature control system is able to realize zone temperature control, electronic induction, accurate & visual digital Display.
  • Feeding system without material returning. It is unnecessary to clean barrel and screw in case of restarting or material replacement.
  • Screw adopts high-performance nitride alloy steel with strong wear-resistance and LD service life.
  • Food-grade stainless steel. Neatness and easy clean.

Technical Parameters


Output CapaCity

Supply VoLDage


100 ~ 150 Kg/h

380V/50Hz Three phases


220V/60Hz Single phase


120 ~ 250 Kg/h


Normally 1-2 operators are sufficient for production.

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