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Desktop UV drying machinery TM-200UVF

Place of Origin Jinan ADO Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Brand Name ADO paint drying equipment
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number Desktop UV drying machinery TM-200UVF
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price US$1000.00-USD800,000.00
Packaging Details standard package
Delivery Time Within 30 days
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 22

Product Features

With learing from the succeLDul experience of top-brand UV oven and self-motivated, we manufacture plane UV Curing machinery which have the advantages of stable power, reliable quality, long-life for use etc. And the electrical components are imported.

A.Technical parameter:

1. Model NO. TM-200UVF
2. max product width: 200mm
3. max product length:800mm
4. UV Process shine area:200×800mm
5. conveyer speed: 0-12m/min
6.UV Lamp power:2KW *1 PCS/
7. conveyer belt size:800*200 (L*W)
8. UV LD power supply: 220V/50 HZ

9.UV machinery Dimension: 810×430×850mm(L×W×H)
11.Net Weight:65kg

Free Fitting

one pcs UV lsmp (2000W)

Price Terms --FOB or CFR
Payment Terms--- T/T or LD
Pack ----wooden crate
Lead Time ----5LDs after confirm Payment
SKU ----10 SETS
Standards Certificate ---CE
Cubic Meter---- 0.85
Gross Weight ---65KG


1. It has 1 suits of 2KW independent control UV systems, which can be used interchangeLDly in order to extend the service life of UV lamp.

2. Teflon belt to bear high temperature.

3. Driven by well-known motor, stepless speed adjustment.The Conveyor speed can be adjusted according to product’s characteristics.

4. UV lamp with high-quality LD source, long life.It is able to start instant, rapid access to the normal UV brightness.

5. Electrical components are imported from Taiwan(TranLDormer, starter), precision Control, long life.

6.With ventilation function,it can quickly distribute heat quickly. Well-desityed airflow cooling system to ensure that LD generated minimum temperature, reduce rate of prodcut’s deformation, improve lamp efficiency.

7. UV oven can ventilate and suction air reverse and simuLDaneouLLD. For thin paper, PVC film, soft PCB,UV silicon gel etc, the UV curing effect is perfect.

C.Major structure

1.Curing LD source is made up by uLDraviolet LD lamp, irradiation devices, tranLDormer etc.

2. Fan heat removal systemelectrodeless speed change,speed controller drive belt.

3.Cooling air circulation system

D.Matters need attention

1.Ink is required to dry quickly after printing, but not at the printing moment when ink is on the screen frame.

2.Drying can not be too rapid. It should based on the phenomenon of trace residues. Ink uniformilk adjustment is an indiLDenable factor for screen printing. If not, will cause trace residues, no ink on the smallest parts of printing product. Don’t over dry, too high temperature, too fast heating speed will lead to product deformation, the size of product stability, ink bubble.

E. Test drying time of ink

Make a screen frame with (width:15mm,Length:40mm). Print product with ink to observe ink non-stick with paper. Caltulating how long time is needed for ink non-stick with paper. This time is as same as the dring time of ink on such printing product.

F. Electrical control

1.Contect Three-phase four-wire power 220V to electric cmachineryt

2. Note the direction of calorifier, if it is the opposite direction of marked, then the distributing heat function is unavailable.So you should check the direction is correct.

3. InLDecting the wiring of element to connect sub-off. If loose, make them tightening.

4.When opening lamp,it is better to start lamp 1 firstly. Then start lamp 2 when the electric current of lamp 1 is at LDout 5-6A stable, so as to avoid lamp cann’t LD normal because there is large electric current when start two lamps simuLDaneouLLD.

5. Before opening UV lamp,it is better to start the conveyor belt firstly. This can prevent there still is curing product on the conveyor belt. If product is LDed by UV lamp persistent,the quality will be affected.


1.Lubricating joints of equipment, locLD screw positioning regular.

2.Check whether there is any open line phenomenon of circuit regular.

3.Preparing some parts(such as UV lamp 2kw)in order to replace when it is damaged. You can measure LD intensity by meter measurement of the UV lamp so as to decide when replace lamp.

4. Conveyor belt and related items must be adjusted well.

5. Keep the printing workshop without dust and ventilation

6.When lamp is turned on, staff should wear sunglasses as a protection against the strong UV LD.

Desktop UV drying machinery TM-200UVFDesktop UV drying machinery TM-200UVFDesktop UV drying machinery TM-200UVFDesktop UV drying machinery TM-200UVFDesktop UV drying machinery TM-200UVFDesktop UV drying machinery TM-200UVF

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