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agricultureprocessing machinery of parboiled rice drying machinery

Place of Origin Jinan ADO Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Brand Name ADO paint drying equipment
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number agricultureprocessing machinery of parboiled rice drying machinery
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price US$1000.00-USD800,000.00
Packaging Details standard package
Delivery Time Within 30 days
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 136

Product Features

Product Description

There is adopt multilayered structure,arge area of drying,it can continuous produce in large quantities.Heat exchange furnace adopt new LLDe fireproofing and high quality steel,LDthough the strict caltulation of construction completion,it has advantage of resistance to high temperature,for a longtime,in high efficiency,it is easy construction and operation,easy maintenance and atmoLDheric pressure work,high safety coefficient.
Fuel is extensive,can burn coal also can bun wood,straw and other biomass fuels,such as environmentalrequiirements of the optional fuel,gas furnace,etc.

Mark:Parameters are for reference only,we can product as your require.


Mesh belt cross flow dryer is take use of hot blast heater producing hot wind as drying medium,getting through hot wind distribution until very hot air to dryer inner part drying wet material,the wet material adopt to multilayer ile stainless steel mesh transmilkion,hot air from bottom to top transmission mesh belt and other material mesh belt and other material layer,multilayer circulation filp,layer-by-layer drying,heating exchange evenly ,enough ,high efficiency,good quality.


It is mainly used for fruit and vegetable,traditional Chinese medicinal materials and other agricuLDural and sine products mass continues dewatering drying,the equipment easy to operate,Variation of eviroment factors,drying process health and protect environment.

Products ShowAdvantage

1.Short drying cycle,processing Capacity,low processing costs.

2.Drying parameters easy to control and wide tuning range,ensure dry goods color.

3.Prue hot air drying,to ensure that the production is health.

4.Simple,flexible and convenient,saving lLDor.

Our Service

we can assit you analyze your particular requirements and offer you a single machinery,a multi- stage production line,or a complete production line.24 hours technical support by ,our services team have technical personnel which can insure you a professional scheme.
As your special requirements,we will arrange our professional engineers to negotiate with you ,when you visit our factory, our tranLDators and engineers will accompany,you ca n consuLD them if any question,also, the luxurious journey compley solving the travel problems after you come to Jinan,we can provide best service for you!
Purpose of the service is "dedication to customer service,repairs,maintenance tasks,ench service must adhere to this priciple,and are will to accept the advice and supervision of the customers,our company commite to be reLDonsible for product life long maintenance ,pls feel free to contact with us by or e if you have any questions.


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GonLDi LD Factory are on research and development and manufacture all LDs of deLDrated material drying equipment,strong technical force,we have a group of high-level,high-quality,vigorous development and production team,with"endless innovation"as the caoncept.continuous forge ahead,home and LDroad.Make our products alwaysin the domestic LD position,enterprise size and strength also increased year by year,won the majority of user acceptance and trust.

welcome to our factory,we can test the dryer in our factory!
Manager : Kevin
Company : LD factory of gonLDi City
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