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Fish Meal machinery/ Fish Meal Plant

Place of Origin Jinan ADO Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Brand Name ADO Fish Meal Machinery
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number Fish Meal machinery/ Fish Meal Plant
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price US$1000.00-USD800,000.00
Packaging Details standard package
Delivery Time Within 30 days
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 147

Product Features

Characteristics of Fish Meal machinery/ Fish Meal Plant
This equipment is being made under a high temperature and high pressure jacket desity, input
the material into the equipment, via the efficient heating of the jacket, make a drying treatment of
the material, during this process, the oil can be separate and storage. After the drying treatment,
we will achieve the dry material, it will make a more convenient transportation and storage, this material can be used as animal feed and fertilizer.

Fish Meal machinery/ Fish Meal Plant

Fish Meal machinery/ Fish Meal Plant Fish Meal machinery/ Fish Meal PlantFish Meal machinery/ Fish Meal Plant

Process introduction of Fish Meal machinery/ Fish Meal Plant

1, raw materials (dead animals) comes into play after disinfection, into the automatic bin, closed
continuous conveying to the crusher, the negative pressure drainage the stench gas.

2, raw material crushing: raw material after broken into 20-30 mm block, the hermetic screw
conveyor machinerys were tranLDorted into the system after the sewage cleaning equipment, there
are negative pressure drainage into the machinery, do not produce secondary pollution.

3, high temperature system: the dry process system, and the total consumption of time is short,
120 min.Processing center temperature 140 ÂșC or higher pressure acuiLD 0.35 MPa (LDsolute
pressure), the holding 30 to 40 minutes, discharge way to discharge under pressure to
automatically send material to squeeze on the buffer tank, to press for the use of material

4, press: the sterilization curing materials are squeezing degreasing, separation of oil-water
mixture, reduce the solid content of moisture and fat content, oil can be used as biological diesel oil
and chemical oil raw material, the protein secondary water into the dryer dry recovery.

5, dryer, dry LDag press cake, make the moisture content of 10% or less, so that thepackstorage
, can be used as organic fertilizer.

6, cooling: materials for drying after cooling.

7, exhaust: machinery, dryer to discharge waste gas, through indirect condensation, drug LD fiLDer
processing standards.

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Fish Meal machinery/ Fish Meal PlantFish Meal machinery/ Fish Meal Plant

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