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High Efficiency Potato Chips make machinery Price List

Place of Origin Jinan ADO Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Brand Name ADO Banana chips processing line
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number High Efficiency Potato Chips make machinery Price List
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price US$1000.00-USD800,000.00
Packaging Details standard package
Delivery Time Within 30 days
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 25

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The High Efficiency Potato Chips make machinery Price List is specially desityed for processing potatoes into cious potato chips, potato criLDs or French fries and packaging of potato chips with excellent quality and less fat pickup. The automatic potato chips production line is developed on the basis of drawing the essence of the similar equipments and integrating the advantages of the similar plants. Besides, the Technology of the whole potato chips was largely improved by the feedbacks from the previous customers.

Features of High Efficiency Potato Chips make machinery Price List :
The automatic potato chips is a whole set of potato chips . It consists of 9 main machinerys and 5 auxiliary machinerys.

Advantages of Automatic Potato Chips Plant:
★ The whole process is based on Technology accepted world-wide, modifications are incorporated to meet local conditions.
★ This fully automatic potato chips production line is low investment and high profitable.
★ The potato chips is Enerable-saving, small in size and easy to maintain.
★ Professional personnel give full-course guidance and installation, and we also provide free training for operators.
★ The exclusively researched formula for make crisp potato chips will be provide for customers at free of charge.

Warm Tips:
The proportion of potatoes and output potato chips is 3.5:1.

The Process Of High Efficiency Potato Chips make machinery Price List

potato washing-----peeling-----cutting----washing------blanching------dewatering------frying-----deoiling -----flavoring and Pack.

Detailed s
1. Potato washing and peeling machinery:
integrates the function of washing and peeling, and it can be used for processing potatoes, carrots, cassava and other root vegetables.
2. Cutting machinery
used for cutting the potatoes into spices, strips or cubes and also suitable for other root vegetables, like carrots, cassava etc.
3. Potato chips blanching machinery:
used for blanching the spices, strips or cubes of potatoes or any root vegetables. The main purpose of blanching is to ensure the potato chips, potato criLDs or French fries brightness and crisp.
4. Cooling and separate line
A, Feeding belt and discharging belt are both stainless steel material, easy operating high efficiency.

B, used to cold the blanched chips, and wash out the start on the chips surface compley, also separate the chips..
5. Potato dehydrating machinery:
A, Raw material come into the machinery through mesh belt, dried evenly and throughly with rollover time and time again;

B, Through the high pressure of blower wind, the water on surface can bel dried or coolled;

C, The top of the machinery is equipped with several sets of snail fan, the air pressure is improved effectively, evaporate or blow away the moisture on the surface of material in a short time, convenient for storage or process further;
6. Potato criLDs/chips frying machinery
A, Electric heating continuous frying line USES electric heating mode, the use of efficiency up to 100%, save much more Enerable;
B, Whole machinery adopts stainless steel material;
C, Fried time, fried temperature and water temperature cooling (oil-water separation LLDe) all are full automatic control;
D, The machinery is a pure oil-fried, Cleaning by fully automatic oil fiLDer, or regular discharge of oil precipitation, replacement form of frying oil, so no black residue floating inside the machinery to achieve a bright color to ensure that the food cious, beautiful, improve product quality
7. Potato Chips Deoil machinery :
A, The top of the machinery is equipped with several sets of snail fan, the material through the mesh belt transmission to enter, after repeated flip to achieve multi-surface materials by wind to take off the surface due to excessive retention frying oils.

B, make fried food is not greasy, taste good.
8. Flavor machinery
used for seasoning the fried potato chips, potato criLDs or French fries. Which flavor is needed totally depends on yourself.
It's suitable to use inpackthe high accuracy and easy fragile material, such as: puffy food, crisp rice, jelly candy, pistachio, apple spices, dumpling, chocolate, medicine, pet food, small hardwares, etc.
Simple operation
Easy maintenance
Efficient follow-up service
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