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Water-cooling type commercial kola nuts microwave drying and sterilization machine dryer dehydrator for sale

Place of Origin Jinan ADO Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Brand Name ADO Bean & Nuts Microwave Roast and Sterilization
Certification ISO 9001, CE Certificate
Model Number Water-cooling type commercial kola nuts microwave drying and sterilization machine dryer dehydrator
Min.Order Quantity 1 Set
Price US $10,000 - 20,000/ Set
Packaging Details Standard Export Woodencase Suitable for Ocean Carriage
Delivery Time Within 30 days
Payment Terms 30% as deposit in advance,70% should be paid before shipment.
Supply Ability 100 Set/Sets per Month

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Continuous belt microwave drying machine


Microwave is electromagnetic wave with the frequency of 300MHz ~ 300GHz.

Microwave frequency is higher than normal radio frequency, often referred to as UHF electromagnetic wave.

Microwave as an electromagnetic wave also has wave-particle duality.

The basic properties of microwave usually appear as penetrating, reflecting, absorbing.

For glass, plastic and porcelain, microwave is penetrating and will not be absorbed.

For water and food, microwave will be absorbed, thus resulting self-heating.

For metal things, they will reflect microwave.

Belt microwave drying machine processes products on the conveyor belt with high handling capacity.

Working principle

Microwave drying is such a drying method that material absorbs microwave energy which can be converted into heat, so that the material has an overall heating both internally and externally at the same time and it is completely different from other conventional drying methods.

Conventional drying method is based on the principle of heat conduction, convection and radiation which transfer heat from external to internal, inevitably there is a temperature gradient in the material, therefore, heating is uneven and there may result in local overheating.

Microwave drying technology is different from the conventional drying method, which is by means of high frequency reciprocating motion of the dipolar molecule of the material, resulting in internal friction heat which heats material, without any heat transfer process, and the material is heated both internally and externally at the same time with high speed drying and uniform drying result, and energy consumption is far less than traditional heating.

Main features

1, High handling capacity, continuous processing, labor saving;

2, Energy efficient and drying time is short. Microwave is a direct effect on the material, there is no additional heat loss, so thermal efficiency is very high and drying time is very short, saving 30% electric power compared with far infrared heating.

3, Easy to control, advanced technology. Compared with the conventional method, the equipment is ready to use; no thermal inertia, flexible and convenient operation; microwave power and transmission speed adjustable. During microwave heating and drying, no waste water, no waste gas, it is a safe and harmless high-tech.

4, Mildew-proof, sterilization, preservation: microwave drying functions with thermal effects and biological effects, can achieve mildew-proof and sterilization at lower temperature. High speed and short time drying maximize the preservation of the activity of the material and food vitamins, the original color and nutrients.

5, Selective heating. Water molecules are best at absorbing microwave; therefore, high water content part absorbs more microwave power than low water content part. This is the characteristics of selective heating through which uniform heating and drying can be achieved.

Microwave drying, sterilization, heating, preservation, extraction, synthesis, puffing, thawing and sintering equipment have been widely used in leather, wood, color printing, food, spices, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, tobacco, building materials, ceramics, paper, rubber and medical fields.

Characteristic of fast speed, energy saving, high production efficiency, uniform drying, clean production, easy to achieve automatic control and improve product quality and so on.

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