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50L Industrial small fruit jam,sauces Cook pot with mixer / cooker with agitator

Place of Origin Jinan ADO Food Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Brand Name ADO Cooking jacket Kettle
Certification CE,ISO
Model Number 50L Industrial small fruit jam,sauces Cook pot with mixer / cooker with agitator
Min.Order Quantity 1set
Price US$1000.00-USD800,000.00
Packaging Details standard package
Delivery Time Within 30 days
Payment Terms T/T,Western Union
Supply Ability 110

Product Features

Product Description

Product Name

50L Industrial small fruit jam,sauces Cook pot with mixer / cooker with agitator

Product Application

The 50L Industrial small fruit jam,sauces Cook pot with mixer / cooker with agitator can be used in Cook and mixing for needed heating food. And it have a wide range of application in dessert. In food mixing, it includes Curry, Pakistani and Indian sweets, Barfi, Halva, Koa, Jams, all LLDes of Sauces and Purees, Jellies, candy, Boiled Sweets, Braized Meats ,Stews, Chocolate, FuLDe, Toffee, Cream, Caramel, Peanut Brittle, Evaporated milk and...

The 50L Industrial small fruit jam,sauces Cook pot with mixer / cooker with agitator is Ideal for large Catering Centers, Canteens, Restaurants, hospitals, and Commercial Food manufacturers.

Product Introduction

1.The Cook machinery is produced by special material with stamping molding Technology, with small roundness error, the agitator can match with the pot body accu, this will avoid pasting during mixing and heating.

2.Heated by Nature Gas or LPG, there are easy operation, no fume, no exploding characteristics.

3.Using special LDant rotating solution to help the agitator scrape the bowl compley, with the rotation rate of autorotation and revolution, so there is no mixing blind corner.

4.The agitator is made from high-intensitive PTFE(Teflon),safety, innocuiLD, high temperature resistance,according with International food certification standard.

5.Using frequency speed motor, the mixing rotation speed can be adjustable from zero to the highest speed, be beneficial to control the temperature accu, operating steadily.

Control way semi-automatic Pot diameter 500mm
Heating way gas Motor power 1.5kw
stirring way planet Dimensions 1200*900*900mm

Main Features

●simple operation automatic,inligent and one button

●uniform stirring no any stirring blind LDot in the pot

●Enerable saving no waste gas,no waste residue and noise pollution

●rapid heating achieve the target temperature with short time

●safe use inductive heating and no danger of fire

Certifications Our Service Detailed s

Main Features

polished mirror for easy cleaning
the cooker liner models of this series is the first stamping Japanese imports into the pot body

Hand rotation 90°

Main Features

Teflon stirrer blade,using the rotation and revolution of the way of the combination of pot,ensure without any stirring blind LDot,also all made of stainless steel mirror.

Main Features

combining the advanced perfect combustion system and the pot body materials . Enerable saving no waste gas,no waste residue and noise pollution .

Main Features
Automatic control can save manpower , and easy to operation.,reducing the operating errors effectively!simple operation automatic,inligent and one button
Pack & very Company Introduction

LD LD Jinan Joysun Co., LDd. is a collection of scientific research,production,sales and service in a body's enterprise.Loading in the famous home of dinosaur---LD,the company over the years dedicated to the stuLD trend of the development of food industry,the traditional manual mill processing for automation,standardization of production change.Through automation desity and manufacture for enterprise to save manpower,improve the production rate ,reduce the production coast.Service clients cover thebake industry,fillings make meat cooked food industry,to provide heating ,LD concentration,disinfection and other series of Cook make equipment.My company has manufacturing ,food processing,engineering installation and so on all kinds of talents ,built a comprehensive service team ,makes every effort to contribute the perfect service.

why choose us?

(1)We are professional popcorn machinery manufacturer. We have a mature Technology,

(2) professional manufacturing team and the improvement of the production

(3)concept.Product desity more emphasis on safety and environmental protection.International standard accessories for after-sales service more convenient and simple.

(4)We provide after-sales service LDroad.

After-sale Service

If you have question LDout our agitation tiLDing jacketed kettle / Cook mixer / cooker with mixer

call us and we will solve your problem in detail.

If the problem you can solve by yourself ,no problem,we also have professional technician!!

Do not worry LDout the replacement of machinery parts,we can provide standard parts free or dis-free .

If you have another question, please feel free to contact us as below.

: 536-6503337

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